9 Days Lemosho Route


Lemosho is a slightly longer route, in the one of preferred route due to its low traffic, beautiful scenery and high Kilimanjaro climbing to summit success rate. It begins with a long drive from Moshi to Londorosi gate. From there after register formalities drive to Lemosho glades, where start to walk through forest to the Big tree camp site. 9 days Lemosho route climb is preferable for better acclimatization and summit success. You will be picked up at the Kilimanjaro International Airport to your Hotel in Moshi town, you will meet with guide to brief about upcoming hike.

– Extra days on the Mountain: US $280 per person per day

Per Person Sharing
DAY 1 Moshi (950m/3116ft) to Londorosi gate to (2250m/7425 ft.) to Lemosho glade (2100m/ 6,889ft) to Big tree camp (2650m/8,694ft)

You will be picked up at hotel, long drive to Londorosi gate for registration and Rangers park to check the luggage after they doing so repack our vehicle drive to Lemosho glades to start walk.
Lemosho glades (2100m/6,889ft) to big tree camp (2650m/8694ft) to 7km, 4 hours. Pass through rain forest but short day hike to Big tree camp site still in the forest as well over night there with monkey spot

Meal Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

DAY 2 Big tree camp(2650m/8,694ft) to Shira camp (3610m/11,843ft) 8.5 km, 5-6 hours

From here still walk through rain forest for a while and emerge to heather and then to Moorland as to the camp .It will be the best time the day to offered you beatifying view of Mount Meru and Kibo peak depending weather of that day. Steepness is 5-10 degree of gradient to shira ridge and down flat to the camp.

Meal: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner.


DAY 3 Shira 1 camp (3610m 11,843ft) to Moir hut camp (4150m/13700ft) 11km 4-5 hours

Today is easier walk means les steep gentle gradual of 3-5 degree of gradients pass through Moorland on plateau to the north side of the Kibo peak. Day will offer you a good stunning view of both shira plateau and Kibo peak also depending on weather neither clear weather nor over cast
When you get at Moir hut camp have rest as camp located at valley.
Meal Breakfast/ lunch dinner

DAY 4 Moir camp (4150m/13700ft) to Pofu camp (4000m/13,200ft) 8km, 5-6 hours

Today vegetation start less as we going higher hike up to the valley with remarkable view of both sides and descending to the pofu camp site.
Meal: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

DAY 5 Pofu camp (4000m/13200ft) to third cave camp (3870m/12700ft) 7km, 4-5 hours.

Enjoy extraordinary view of volcanic formation plant life, animal life as this side animals visit look for minerals to lick as Amboseli National Park in located on the foothill of mount Kilimanjaro close to the border of Kenya and Tanzania.
Meal: Breakfast/Lunch./Dinner

DAY 6 Third cave (3870m/12700ft.) to school hut (4717m/155.66ft) 7km, 4 hours.

Here is totally, alpine desert. We pass through, desert to school hut at base of massive volcanic formation .rest of the day, get prepared for the last push to the summit down to crater camp.
Meal: breakfast /lunch Dinner.

DAY 7 Here is totally, alpine desert. We pass through, desert to school hut at base of massive volcanic formation .rest of the day, get prepared for the last push to the summit down to crater camp.

Start before dawn to hike to the summit you will get there at Uhuru Peak early afternoon. A short descending to Crater camp. Camp is very close to the famed Furtwangler glacier. In evening time short walk to famous Ash Pit, it will offer you incredible view of Ash Pit, Northern ice field, Eastern ice field and as well Uhuru peak.

Meal: breakfast /lunch Dinner.

DAY 8 Crater camp (5698/18802ft) to Millennium(3950m/12,959ft) to Mweka camp / (3100m/10230ft).

Descending to the lower camp or before that ascend to the summit for second time as for the sunrise. Walk through arctic condition totally desert to with loss scree. Break at barafu camp site. And then proceed to the lower camp through moorland.
Meal: breakfast /lunch Dinner.

DAY 9 Mweka camp(3100m/10230ft) to Moshi(950m/3113ft)

Mweka camp to Mweka gate (1640m) 3h-4h 10 km descending through forest (rain forest), normally is west and slip so take care, From Mweka gate to the hotel with private vehicle.

Cost quoted will include:

  • Arrival and departure transfers from, to “JRO”
  • Accommodation in the mountain and hotel 2 nights
  • Meals
  • All parks fees, mountain rescue fee, government taxes
  • Services for crew team and salary
  • Tent highest quality tent Eureka or Mountain hard ware
  • Transport to and from mountain
  • Emergency oxygen cylinder
  • Mattress


  • Items of personal nature such as passport, visa, travelers etc.
  • Tips for the crew
  • Medical equipment as hyperbaric chamber
  • Portable toilets: available for renting 110 USD/trip
  • Note Over weight, extra luggage will require an extra porter, at a rate of 11 USD per bag per day
  • Massage we may arrange for 40 USD per person
  • s)

NOTE: We do not place groups together. This way you are ensured the full attention of our guide, but with the added knowledge of our guides’ experiences. It also means that we can start the climb on the day you prefer.