Machame Route

6 Day Machame Climb

Trip Information

This is a Mountain Climbing; it is the opportunity to get on the roof top of Africa, 5895m above sea level. Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa located on the North East of Tanzania, covered by permanent snow. There are several routes to get up to the summit; common routes are MARANGU ROUTE AND MACHAME ROUTE.

** The best months for climbing are January, February, March and September as they are the warmest months and almost clear of clouds, though one could easily succeed throughout the year. April and beginning of May could get heavy rain or snow. The temperatures will still be up, but massive clouds will block visibility, on top it might snow and heavy rains occur on the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro.

June to August (though colder), and November/December (could be wetter); through September and October it gets steadily warmer. October is particularly good if you want little or no rain, mild weather and few people on the mountain.

January to March is the warmest months, almost clear of clouds except of occasional brief rain showers, followed by the main rainy season during April & May.

However, we always stress that the main reason to climb Kilimanjaro is to have a safe and enjoyable time. Reaching the summit is a bonus, but should never be seen as the aim of the climb.