Package Tours: Everything You Need to Know

How to Safari in East Africa

There are countless safari packages for tourists who wish to sit back and not do any planning. These safari tours are very convenient and are worth the money if you don’t have the time to research or if you want to avoid potential hassles.

High-end package deals offer one price and generally cover everything from pickup to drop-off (even from the airport), including food, fees, transportation, and lodging. Be prepared to spend around $200–$500 USD per day for a package safari. They aren’t cheap!

With a package tour company, you can either join a group with a pre-made itinerary (a great option for solo travelers), or you can customize a safari package with an itinerary to your liking (this option works best if you are already traveling with a group).

Two excellent resources for more information on safari tours are the Kenya Association of Tour Operators, which is better known as KATO, and the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators. Both organizations aim to promote and give credibility to the safari companies that maintain a high level of service and a great value-to-price ratio. You can find a list of companies there.